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Sparc Systems offers a range of services on the enterprise space in your data center. We have a history of successful implementations of IT solutions across Africa to the banks, telecommunication sector, governments, insurance and many more.

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We offer hands on customer tailored trainings at our training labs. These includes Databases, Operating Systems, Data reprecation and Disastor recoveries, Hardware (Server storage and networking). Send us an email with your request 

IT System Support

We offer 24/7 support services to your IT infrastructure. We currently offer support to a number of clients under service level agreements. Our qualified and certified engineers offer support to the Financial sector, Telecoms, Government and Insurance just to mention a few. We will be more than willing to help with your support needs. Send us an email with your request

IT Sales

We offer not only sales, but also after sales support on all products we supply. Our qualified team will help you with consultancy on your IT needs at zero cost as you scope your IT needs. Click here to drop our sales team an email for any details.